Cold room one-stop solution design

CRYO SYSTEMS is more than a cold storage solution provider. We assign a dedicated team to each customer, offering personalized and innovative solutions that go beyond standard offerings. 

Whether it’s racks, fire doors, or anti-collision bars into our designs, or sourcing specific optional products, we are committed to meeting your unique needs. 

By harnessing the power of China’s extensive supply chain, we can source a variety of refrigeration-related products, ensuring you get top quality at competitive prices. 

Our ‘Customer First’ ethos permeates our entire company, ensuring that whether you’re dealing with our sales team or any other department, you’ll always receive a ‘WARM’ customer experience.

Cold Room Management

Cold Room Remote Control Platform is the advanced way to check, record, and change the refrigeration temperatures in Cold storage by APP. It allows you to check and control the cold storage temperature anytime and anywhere without being on-site. Using the Internet, transferring the data in the Cloud server, Connecting to Machine to APP you can check and cold room status by your phone, ensuring it’s running well.

Installation service

If our cooling machines are hard for you to install, if local refrigeration engineers are not so reliable, you could enjoy turnkey project service by our professional engineers. We have already served many customers on installation in Vietnam, Singapore, Papua New Guinea, New Zealand, Tanzania, USA. Besides, we have finished over thousand cold room projects in China domestic.

Контактная информация

Телефон: 86-020-26273159
Мобильный телефон/WhatsApp:  +86 188 9832 1642
Электронная почта: [email protected]
Адрес: Комната 1515-1516, здание № 2, Minjie Huamei International, улица Нанда, улица Даши, район Панью, город Гуанчжоу, провинция Гуандун.

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    RYO systems, производитель холодильных камер, фокусируется на предоставлении высококачественных холодильных камер и универсальных решений. CRYO производит высококачественные холодильные камеры, панели PIR и PU, а также холодильное оборудование с компрессорами и запасными частями всемирно известных брендов. 3 года гарантии и срок службы, 10 лет гарантии.

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