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At CRYO SYSTEMS, we are blessed with a great dedicated, and self-motivated team, a team that actually will make CRYO a well-known leader in the international market

Experts in R&D and Installation

refrigeration expert Vyacheslav Qstapenko

Vyacheslav Qstapenko

Vyacheslav Ostapenko, a European refrigeration expert with 35 years of experience in the industrial refrigeration field, has successfully led numerous multimillion-dollar projects. He excels in combining theory with practice to develop efficient refrigeration systems that are easy to install, reduce maintenance costs, and enhance user experience.

To meet the ever-changing market requirements and developments, he established an Institute. This Institute is dedicated to conducting a series of tests in a specially designed test room to ensure the flexibility and suitability of our systems for extreme conditions.

What we do

When we get an inquiry, our sales and engineering team will respond quickly and provide a professional cold room solution based on the customer requirements, using habits, and our experience in different countries.

Apart from sales, all of our departments will ensure smooth production and delivery and follow up with the after-sales situation.
We will try our best to make the whole cold room project smooth, so the customers are satisfied.

CRYO family - sales team

Sales Team

Technical Team

CRYO family - technical team
CRYO family - Marketing team

Marketing Team

CRYO family - Coordination team

Coordination Team

Providing Industry-Leading Cold Room Solutions

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Mobile/WhatsApp: 86 131 9644 9137
Address: Room 305, Building 2, Xiehe Community, Dashi Street, Panyu, Guangzhou, Guangdong.

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