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In the field of food processing and distribution, Quick freezing plays a vital role. By freezing food quickly and storing it at extremely low temperatures, blast freezer can effectively extend the shelf life of food while maintaining its nutritional value and quality. 

At CRYO SYSTEMS Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd., we specialize in tailor-made advanced cold storage solutions for different sizes and need for quick freezing.

We offer specialized storage solutions for every need of quick freezing

In order to meet customers of different sizes and needs, we have designed a comprehensive quick-freezing warehouse solution that includes three quick-freezing methods: blast freezer cabinets(quick freezer cabinets), IQF quick-freezing machines, and large-capacity blast freezer rooms.

1. Quick freezer solutions

Blast freezers are suitable for small-scale catering industries, retailers or laboratories that need to quickly freeze a small amount of products. Compact in design, these cabinets are easy to install and use, providing a quick and effective freezing solution that guarantees food freshness and quality.

blast freezer cabinet for small storage

2. IQF freezer solutions

IQF is suitable for food processing plants that need to quickly process large quantities of single products (like fruits, vegetables, seafood, meat products). Through IQF technology, each item can be frozen quickly and evenly, maintaining the quality, shape and nutritional value of the food. We provide tunnel freezers, spiral freezers, contact plate freezers and so on quick freezer machine.

tunnel freezer 2

3. Blast freezer room solutions

Quick freezing warehouse is suitable for distribution centers, large catering enterprises and food processing plants that need to store large amounts of frozen food. These warehouses can store large amounts of food for long periods of time at temperatures ranging from -30°C to -45°C, ensuring the quality and safety of food during storage and transportation.

Quick Blast freezer room

Best Practices for Blast Freezer Storage

  • Needs assessment: Communicate with customers to understand your specific needs and budget.
  • Solution design: Design a personalized quick-freezing solution based on the results of assessment of needs (storage scale, temperature requirements, etc.).
  • Equipment selection and procurement: Select appropriate blast freezers, IQF systems and refrigeration equipment according to the design plan.
  • Installation and debugging: Install the equipment at the customer’s site and perform necessary debugging to ensure that the system operates normally.
  • Training and Delivery: Training the customer’s operating personnel to ensure they can effectively manage and maintain the quick freezing system

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CRYO's Cases - Blast Freezer Projects

blast freezer 3
Fish product blast freezer
blast freezer evaporator
Fish blast freezer room
blast freezer room
meat products blast freezer room
blast freezer room with sliding door
Blast Freezer Room with sliding door
Blast freezer room for frozen meat

Quick freezing application


  1. Food processing plants:
  • Meat and poultry processing: Quick freezing locks in the freshness of meat and extends its shelf life.
  • Aquatic product processing: Seafood and fish are quickly frozen through quick freezing technology to maintain their fresh taste and nutritional value.
  • Vegetable and fruit processing: Quick freezing preserves the color, taste and nutritional content of vegetables and fruits.
  1. Cold chain logistics:  the quality and safety of food during transportation.
  1. Foodservice: Restaurants and fast-food chains use quick-frozen products to ensure consistency and quality of ingredients.
  2. Baking industry: Quick freezing of bread and pastries can extend their sales cycle while maintaining taste and quality.
  3. Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology: Preservation of biological samples and drugs: Some biological samples and drugs need to be stored at extremely low temperatures to maintain their stability and activity.


Product and Service

Offer the quality cold room products are essential to keep food fresh and avoid the clients’ loss. We are ahead of high quality. Our key technology is from Germany with reliable and high-efficiency German-brand refrigeration units.

As well, we exported 70+ countries and now how to design based on different countries.

We offer a comprehensive range of services, total design, installation, and maintenance, to ensure that every project is customized to meet our customers’ specific requirements.

Contact us today to learn more about our customized blast freezer solutions. Quality assured with world-famous brands, we provide the perfect solution for medium-scale or large-scale your storage needs.

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