Spiral freezer

  • We design the spiral freezing to meet your specific needs.
  • Applications for a wide variety of food products including meat, poultry, fish, bakery products, prepared meals, etc.
  • Able to manage large volumes.
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Spiral freezer Description

IQF is an abbreviation for “individually quick frozen”, a process that freezes food rapidly so there is minimal damage to the cellular structure of the food.

IQF freezer applications

Application of IQF spiral freezers

Poultry Industry – Chicken Nuggets, Chicken Patties, Chicken Nuggets, etc.
Meat industry – meat patties, meatballs, uncooked hamburgers, breaded nuggets, etc.
Seafood industry – fish sticks or patties, shrimp, fillets, scallops, whole fish, etc.
Baked products – pizza crusts, pies, cookies, pasta, bread dough and more
Prepared foods – packaged foods in trays, ice cream cups, products that need to be stored for a long time, etc.

frozen food application

STRUCTURE of Spiral freezers:

1. Special Air Curtain
2. Spiral Belting
3. Stainless steel Fan
4. Belt Tension Device
5. High-Quality Evaporator
6. Auto Washing System
7. CIP auto washing system
8. Patented Airflow System
9. Advanced Overturn-proof
10. Top Class S. Steel Mesh Belt

We design spiral equipment that is built to your specifications and space. A variety of design options, such as a double drum or single drum, are available to ensure that your machining line is operating at optimum performance.

Details of Spiral Freezers

1. Data of single spiral freezer and double spiral freezer

 single spiral freezerdouble spiral freezer
TypeSpiral freezer
Hoses MaterialStainless steel
Door typehinged door
Door MaterialStainless Steel
Cooling Capacity(kg/h)500-4000500-3500
Chamber Temp(℃)-35-35
Freezing Time(min)20-6020-60
Belt Width(mm)650-1067450-650

2. Different Infeed/Outfeed Structure Option Based On Clients Requirement

Single spiral freezer

A single spiral freezer is a highly efficient freezing system that can freeze a large quantity of products in a limited space
The freezing capacity is between 300kg/h to 4000kg/h

single spiral freezer layout

Double spiral freezer

  • Modular design with faster freezing and lower energy consumption
  • save floor space
double spiral

Features of Sprial freezer

1. Hygienic Interior Processing Space

* World patent anterior driving device avoiding oil pollution
* Evaporator with epoxy fin avoiding powder of alumina
* Water drain through the integral floor, No dust left inside
* Motor Bearings inside: No oil pollution
* Automatic cleaning system: High efficiency

* Patented airflow system to achieve quicker freezing & lower moisture-lost
* Different fin space in the evaporator to enhance heat exchange efficiency
* Closed-circle Air-Duct System to ensure low motor power and save great running cost

* Lower installed motor power
* Patented airflow system reduces the retention time
* Save defrost water due to Epoxy fin

* Advanced technology to ensure stable running
* World-class parts controller to ensure credible running
* Strict system control on fabrication and assembly to ensure accuracy and reliability of the machine
* Factory test before delivery to ensure 100%pass
* Multi-alarm system for abnormal
* Perfect after-sales service

* Easy operation and Stability in the Controlling system. Mitsubishi PLC( Chinese/English) in with the communication port, The
the controlling system, connect refrigeration system to realize automatic running
* PLC control automatically and accurately system running Controlling panel with LCD realize the easy and quick operation
* User can set auto running according to different product
* Belt speed will be controlled by the inverter when running. It’s suitable for various products
* Air blowing after Water cleaning to ensure belt clean
* Display the information of abnormal when a malfunctioning

For this article, you will know: What’s the Difference Between IQF Freezing and Cold Storage Freezing?

We would like to design suitable IQF freezers(spiral freezers or tunnel freezers) for you, please feel free to let us know your demand information.

We provide the one-stop solution cold room with high-quality refrigeration systems. Any need please contact us.

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