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In the food processing industry, keeping raw materials and semi-finished products at appropriate temperatures is key to ensuring food safety and quality. Our in-process cold storage solutions are designed to meet the specific needs of the food processing industry, providing full low temperature control from raw material storage to finished product handling, ensuring that food is maintained at the highest quality during processing.

At CRYO SYSTEMS Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd., we specialize in tailor-made advanced cold storage solutions for different sizes and needs for processing cold rooms.

We offer specialized storage solutions for every need of food process

1. Meat processing solutions

In meat processing rooms, we provide professional refrigeration solutions to meet the cold chain needs of the entire meat process from Keep meat by maintaining a constant low temperature, extending freshness and reducing microbial growth.


2. Seafood processing solutions

Provides stable temperature control while keeping seafood in optimal freshness. By maintaining a suitable temperature of 10-18°C within the processing chamber, our system is designed to extend the shelf life of seafood while maintaining its natural flavor and nutritional value.


3. Fruit and vegetable process ing solutions

We provide specially designed refrigeration solutions for fruit and vegetable processing rooms to maintain the freshness and nutrition of fruits and vegetables.

cold room project 1- processing room

4. Other products solutions

We provide flexible refrigeration solutions for the processing needs of baked goods, dairy products, frozen foods and other types of food. Through customized cold storage design and efficient refrigeration technology, specific needs of various food processing rooms are met.

The Features for Processing Cold Room

1. Customized design

  • Space optimization: Design the cold storage layout according to the processing flow and site conditions to maximize the use of space.
  • Temperature diversity: Provides different temperature zones to adapt to the storage and processing needs of different foods.

2. Efficient energy management

  • Energy-saving technology: Use advanced refrigeration systems and insulation materials to reduce energy consumption.
  • Intelligent control: Use automated control systems to monitor and adjust temperature to optimize energy use.

3. Safety and health

  • Easy to clean: Use materials and designs that are easy to clean and maintain to ensure cold storage hygiene.
  • Comply with standards: Ensure design and operations comply with industry standards and regulatory requirements.

CRYO's Cases - Processing Plant Projects

Processing room small scale
Processing room for fruit and vegetable industry
meat cold room in slaughterhouse
Processing plant for slaughterhouse
processing room for shrimp
Shrimp processing room
processing room for fish seafood prooducts
Processing cold room for fish
processing room for meat products
Processing room for meat

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Core equipment and technology

Offer the quality cold room products are essential to keep food fresh and avoid the clients’ loss. We are ahead of high quality. Our key technology is from Germany with reliable and high-efficiency German-brand refrigeration units.

As well, we exported 70+ countries and now how to design based on different countries.

We offer a comprehensive range of services, total design, installation, and maintenance, to ensure that every project is customized to meet our customers’ specific requirements.

1. Condensing units

compressor rack x3
pir panel for cold room

4. Spiral quick freezer

spiral freezer for ice cream

5. Tunnel freezer

tunnel freezer 2

Processing room application​

 Processing Room is a critical step in many food production processes, ensuring food safety, hygiene and quality. Some main application scenarios and corresponding food types are displayed in the following points:

In-house handling is a critical step in many food production processes, ensuring food safety, hygiene and quality. Some main application scenarios and corresponding food types are displayed in the following points:

1. Meat processing plant

  • Food type: Pork, beef, mutton, poultry (such as chicken, duck)
  • Processing steps: cleaning, deboning, cutting, grinding, seasoning, packaging

2. Aquatic product processing plant

  • Food type: fish, shrimp, crab, shellfish
  • Processing steps: cleaning, shelling, gutting, cutting, freezing, packaging

3. Vegetable and fruit processing plants

  • Food type: various vegetables, fruits
  • Processing steps: cleaning, peeling, cutting, freezing, drying, packaging

4. Convenience food manufacturing

  • Food types: instant noodles, frozen meals, instant packages, freeze-dried food
  • Processing steps: raw material preprocessing, cooking, mixing, shaping, freezing, packaging

5. Baked goods production

  • Food types: bread, cakes, cookies, pies
  • Processing steps: ingredients, kneading, fermentation, baking, cooling, packaging

6. Dairy factory

  • Food type: cheese, yogurt, ice cream
  • Processing steps: fermentation, mixing, shaping, freezing, packaging

7. Condiment and sauce manufacturing

  • Food types: tomato sauce, chili sauce, soy sauce, pickled products
  • Processing steps: raw material preparation, mixing, cooking, filling, sealing

8. Prepared dish production

  • Food Type: Seasoned vegetables, meat cooking kits, ready-to-eat meals
  • Processing steps: raw material preparation, cooking, rapid cooling, packaging

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