Cold Room Panel

Two panels for cold room installation: PU panels and PIR panels

Thickness: 50mm to 200mm
Surface material: color plate,  stainless steel, Galvanized steel, Aluminum steel, etc
Features: Good Insulation, Fireproof, Easily Installation

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1. Cold Room Panel Type

At our factory, we offer two types of sandwich panels for cold room storage: PU panels and PIR panels. We have two imported production lines dedicated to manufacturing these panels.

A sandwich panel consists of three layers: the core, and two side skins. The core is made of different raw materials, depending on the type of panel. And, we offer a wide range of steel materials for the surface.

2. What are the differences between PUR and PIR panels?

PIR and PU panels are two different sandwich panels from different raw materials.

Features of cold room panel:

  • Broadest range of cold room and walk-in freezer options.
  • Dependable and extremely energy-efficient solutions.
  • Extended lifespan, minimal operating and maintenance expenses.
  • Ease and speed of cold storage installation.

PU panel

cold room pu panels

PIR panel

cold room PIR panels
 PU PanelPIR Panel
Panels Thickness50mm ~ 200mm
Panels Density42Kg/M3
Connection TypeCam LockContinueous
Fire ResistanceB2 Class
AdvantageMore FlexibleExcellent Thermal Insulation Performance
Good Thermal Insulation Performance;
High Water Resistance;
High Tensile Strength;
Light Weight, And Low Cost;
More SuitableSmall And Medium ProjectLarge And Medium Project

3. How To Choose the suitable panel for cold room?

#1 Panel Thickness

We offer sandwich panels in varying thicknesses, ranging from 50mm to 200mm. The appropriate thickness can be selected based on factors such as temperature, room size, and other requirements.

Panels thickness Heat transfer coefficient(w/m2·k) Temperature difference inside and outside cold room Suitable temperature for cold room
75mm 0.267/0.3 40°C -5~25°C
100mm 0.2/0.23 50°C -15~25°C
150mm 0.133/0.15 70°C -25~25°C
180mm 0.11/0.125 80°C -35~25°C
200mm 0.1/0.113 90°C -50~25°C

#2 Surface Material

The surface steel can be chosen according to the application. We offer a variety of steel options to meet your project requirements. For PPGI (color plate), we use Baosteel, a renowned steel manufacturer in China. Our stainless steel(SUS304) has excellent anti-corrosion properties and is suitable for coastal cities.

different steels

For example, Jack need a cold storage to freeze fish. So he bought the panel with stainless steel and aluminum steel.

Stainless steel on inner side — anti-rust, durable.
Aluminum steel on outer side — save money, looks pretty.

4. Cold Room Panels Installation

#1. Installation for cold room PU panel with Cam lock system

  1. Fit two panels together
  2. Insert the allen wrench, twist it clockwise
  3. Pull out the allen wrench
How to use cam lock
How to use cam lock

#2. Installation for cold room PIR panel

5. Application

The following is the list of the applications whereby sandwich panel is used:

  • Processing Room
  • Cold Rooms/Cold Storage
  • Ripening Chambers
  • Freezer Rooms
  • Blast Freezer Rooms
  • Clean Rooms
  • Insulated Roofs
  • Wall Claddings
There are suitable for various industries, such as fruit and vegetable processing, meat processing, fish processing, and more.

We provide the one-stop solution cold room with high-quality refrigeration systems. Any need please contact us!

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