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Contact plate freezer details

Contact plate freezer(also called Plate Freezer) is one kind of freezing equipment, which is popular for shrimp, squid and minced fillet, etc. As the products are contacted by the aluminum plate, without any fan motors blowing or defrosting cycle, it freezes faster and costs less power.

Plate freezer series:

1. Hydraulic contact plate freezer can quickly freeze product by moving up and down the inside aluminum plates. Products contact with two plates and realize heat exchange.
2. Horizontal type and Vertical type are available.
3. Refrigeration system is optional.

Features of Contact plate freezer:

  • Products that lose moisture and weight through rapid freezing have a longer shelf life.
  • Freeze in small size to keep quality fresh and clean.
  • After thawing, the nutrients in the food will not be lost.
  • Suitable for freezing all kinds of food, including dumplings, fish, shrimp, seafood, chicken, pork, and so on.

Horizontal plate freezer

contact plate freezer

Vertical plate freezer

Vertical plate freezer

Application of Contact plate freezers:

It’s suitable for freezing food in blocks on land or fishing vessel, such as fish fillet, surimi, shrimp, shellfish, etc.


If you would need high-quality and professional service, please contact us. Now here are more information:

1# Original new German Bitzer compressors

Usually, we’ll use Bitzer screw compressors (from 30HP to 160HP each), and Bitzer reciprocating compressors (from 20HP to 50HP each). Compressor rack is a good choice when we need more than one compressor.

German Bock compressors are also available.

2# Strong welding and excellent design

In order to ensure zero leakages during plate freezer service life, we have to consider the worse conditions, such as strike by fish tray, forklift, etc.

3# Professional design and good after-sale services

Professional & Good Service For Design, Pre-Sales, And After-Sale

We guarantee a quick reply within 12 hours.

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Successful projects

Many projects have been done and working perfectly, such as Russia, the Philippines, and South Africa, etc. We also have  condensing unit, air blast freezer, spiral freezer, water chiller, ice machines, and so on.

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