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IQF freezer applications

IQF is an abbreviation for “individually quick frozen”, a process that freezes food rapidly so there is minimal damage to the cellular structure of the food.

A tunnel freezer is a class of processing freezer systems where the product usually travels horizontally through a long enclosed space (freezing tunnel) and cold air is circulated upward through the product.

STRUCTURE of Tunnel freezers:

1. The S Belt
2. Low noise S Fan
3. High-quality Runner
4. SS Fan
5. Belt Tension Device
6. High-Quality Evaporator
7. Advanced Deflection Proof
8. High-density insulation panel


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Basic information

Plate-Belt  Mesh-Belt High Efficiency Plate-Belt  High Efficiency Mesh-Belt
Type tunnel freezer
Hoses Material Stainless steel
Refrigerant R717
Cooling Capacity(kg/h) 250 -1500kg/h 150-3000 kg/h  500-1700kg/h  500-800kg/h
Temp.in(℃) 15 15 10 15
Temp.out(℃) -18 -18 -18 -18
Chamber Temp(℃) -35 -35 -38 -38/-35
Freezing Time(min) 15-60 15-60 10 – 40 min 10 – 40 min
Belt Width(mm) 1200-1500 1000-5000 1500 2000
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1. Safe and reliable equipment configuration
2. Multiple energy-saving designs
3. High-quality evaporator
4. Top quality insulated panel

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plate/mesh-belt tunnel freezer layout

1. Plate-belt tunnel freezers Features

  • Imported strong Intensity stainless steel plate
  • High stick-on plastic strips imported from Japan keep the belt normal running.
  • Belt running inside to avoid outside pollution and cold loss

2. Mesh-belt tunnel freezer Features

  • Special patent driving ensures belt smooth running.
  • No distortion while loading based on high-quality SS spring for the belt.
  • Vide belt design for wide product scope, strong bearing capacity.
  • Keep the belt correct running by air pump while occurs deflective running.

3. High-efficiency plate/mesh-belt tunnel freezer Features

  •  Quick freezing, 200g/ fillet passing time is 17 minutes.
  •  With Lower moisture-lost.
  •  The Optimize airflow system design, add nozzles on both sides of the belt to improve heat exchange efficiency.
  • The Two belts are installed in the same freezer where has a partition to save room.
  • Parts inside without any oil and outside driving devices keep oil pollution from product processing.

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IQF tunnel quick freezer solution, for some food plants, has limited space. Our small, medium and large volume IQF tunnel systems operate in virtually every food processing sector including convenience foods, ready meals, frozen snacks, chicken, fish, and poultry products, the bakery sector, and fruit, vegetables, etc.

frozen food application

For this article, you will know: What’s the Difference Between IQF Freezing and Cold Storage Freezing?

We would like to design a suitable IQF freezer(spiral freezers or tunnel freezers) for you, please feel free to let us know your demand information.

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