Water Chiller

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Water Chiller details

We provide two types:

Technical parameters:

Water chiller is a cooling machine, which provides chilled water. Most water cooled chillers use refrigerant in a closed-loop system to facilitate heat exchange from the water, and then pump to a location where the waste heat is transferred to the atmosphere. Recycling and Reusing water constantly.

With this chiller water, we could use it for the food industry, such as seafood, chicken, and poultry.

For our water chiller, both quality and design are very good:

1# Original new German Bitzer compressors

Usually, we’ll use Bitzer screw compressors (from 30HP to 160HP each), and Bitzer reciprocating compressors (from 20HP to 50HP each). Compressor rack is a good choice when we need more than one compressor.

German Bock compressors are also available.

Bitzer compressors

2# Rust-proof shell tube exchanger

In order to ensure zero rust problems, we could use titanium tubes or nickel-copper tubes. So, even it’s seawater, its service life is guaranteed.

Rust-proof shell tube exchanger

3# Professional design and good after-sale services

Professional & Good Service For Design, Pre-Sales, And After-Sale

We guarantee a quick reply within 12 hours.

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