Screw compressor units

Screw Compressor units which are high efficiency, energy-saving, and Intellectualized, used in food refrigeration and freezing, industry, etc

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Products Description

Unidad de compresor de tornillo

We have many kinds of Screw compressor units

Compressor Units TypeOpen Type single-stage Screw Compressor Unit
Open Type Dual-stage Screw Compressor Unit
Variable Inner Ratio Screw Compressor Unit
Dual-compressor two-stage Screw Unit
Semi-hermetic two-stage Screw Compressor Unit
and so on
RefrigerantAmmonia (R717),
Freon (R22 R744 R507A R404A R290 R1270)
Cooling Capacity0~18000kw
Capacity ScopeTheoretical Exhaust Volume: 624~4800m3/h
Refrigeration capacity:144~1191 kW/153~1526.3kW/148~2636kW
Applicationfood processing, cold logistics, slaughter, aquaculture, chemical industry, and so on
Screw Compressor Units details

Design Features of Screw Refrigeration Compressor Unit

Discharge pressure MPa
below 1.67
below 1.67
Corresponding saturated temperature °C
below 45
below 46
Suction pressure MPa
Corresponding evaporative temperature °C
Volume ratio adjustment
2.5~5.0 step-less adjustment
Energy level adjustment
10~100% step-less adjustment
Oil Temperature (ºC)
25~65 °C

Features of Screw compressor units

  1. The latest contemporary technology
  2. Large capacity and low noise
  3. Super sealed
  4. High reliability and high efficiency
  5. Microcomputer controlled
  6. Precisely circulation oil control

Our Advantages

Two-stage Screw Compressor Units

Two-stage Screw Compressor Unit

1. The unit adopts a modular design, compact structure, reasonable layout, and reliable operation.

2. Circulation mode

incomplete cooling in the middle of two-stage compression and one-stage throttling, low-pressure stage with economizer

3. High Reliability

– Sliding bearing, long operating life
– Less wearing parts, smooth operation, suitable for long-term operation

4. High efficiency

– The exhaust temperature of the unit is low, high volumetric efficiency
– World’s leading screw compressor rotor profile, high efficiency
– Energy step-less adjustment
– Adopt a high-efficiency oil separator and high-efficiency oil cooler to ensure low oil consumption and high heat exchange
the efficiency of the unit

5. Intellectualized:

– Manual control and microcomputer automatic control
– The special microcomputer controller, strong control capability. And realize modulation and networking

Single-stage Screw Compressor Units

Single-stage Screw Compressor Unit

1. Perfect structure and reliable performance

  • Compact dual-stage compressor, simplifies refrigeration systems, compatible with Bitzer/Mycom.
  • Easy-install, reliable imported mechanical seal for stable operation.
  • Advanced manufacturing for higher precision and efficiency.
  • Quiet, low-vibration, durable compressor with precise rotors.
  • Oil cooler with water or thermal siphon cooling.

2. High efficiency and energy saving

  • Efficient single-stage screw compressor with high COP at large pressure ratios
  • World-class rotor profile for screw compressors, ensuring high efficiency
  • Differential pressure oil supply for energy savings and enhanced oil pump reliability
  • Step-less adjustment for both high and low stages for efficient operation
  • Advanced oil separator ensuring ≤5ppm oil consumption, resulting in low fuel use
  • High precision suction and oil filters

3. Ultra low-temperature screw compressor unit

– Evaporative temperature is as low as -55 ℃

4. Intellectualized

– Automatic microcomputer control, run faster, more reliable, more powerful control, has achieved a modular, network, and also has a beautiful appearance, convenient operation, friendly interface, etc

Application of screw untis

Screw Compressor units are widely used in food refrigeration and freezing, dairy, ocean fisheries processing, cold chain, logistics, cold storage, chemical industry, polycrystalline silicon, electronics, aerospace, pharmaceuticals, coal, petroleum, etc. field.

We would like to design suitable screw compressor units for you, please feel free to let us know your demand information.

We provide the one-stop solution cold room with high-quality refrigeration systems. Any need please contact us!

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