Semi-Contact Plate Freezer

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Semi-contact plate freezer details

Semi-contact plate freezer uses two methods: blowing air and contacting products with the aluminum plate to freeze food quickly.

Fast freezing speed, minimal food dry consumption, and good freezing quality are all benefits. 

semi-contact plate freezers 500kg

semi-contact plate freezer 500kg

semi-contact plate freezer 1000kg

semi-contact plate freezer 1000kg

semi-contact plate freezer 2000kg

semi-contact plate freezer 2000kg

1. Application of Semi-contact plate freezers:

It is widely used in batch processing of fish, meat, food, prepared food, poultry ice-making, and other quick-frozen foods.

2. Technical Data of Semi-contact plate freezers:

Model Parameter
Capacity 500kg – 2000kg/batch
Cooling Capacity 15KW – 51KW
Structure type Shelf plate (fixed height)
Dimension L*W*H (mm) 4500 × 1450 × 1850mm

4800× 1750 × 2250mm

7600X 1750 X 2250mm

Plate (mm) 4600X 1200mm
Layer 8 to 10 Layers
Layer Space 150mm
Panel thickness 150mm
Compressor model screw compressor
Compressor quantity 1 set
Refrigerant R22/R507
Power supply 380V/50HZ/3P


3. Plate Freezer Details:

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1# Installation is simple

Integrated design of the whole machine, small occupation, easy to move and installation is extremely simple 

2# Strong welding and excellent design

In order to ensure zero leakages during plate freezer service life, we have to consider the worse conditions, such as a fish tray strike, a forklift strike, and so on.

3# Good thermal conductivity

Aluminum alloy plate adopts special shaped aluminum alloy plate, the upper surface is flat, the lower surface is corrugated pipe plane, increases the contact surface with frozen products, the evaporation area is also doubled, greatly improving the heat exchange efficiency.

semi-contact plate freezer 10

4# High quality screw compressor

The main engine uses a low-temperature screw compressor, which has a big cooling capacity, and a high energy efficiency ratio, and is designed specifically for low-temperature operation.


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