Cold room refrigeration unit

Cold room refrigeration unit, Equipped with world-famous brand compressors, like Bitzer, Danfoss, and Copeland, pure original compressor, hot gas defrost with Energy efficiency, and condensation control by pressure, units can be customized.


All our condensing units are equipped with famous brand compressors such as German Bitzer, Bock, France Danfoss, USA Copeland, and so on.

High-quality refrigeration parts, like German Schneider and SIEMENS electric parts, also with Danfoss, Emerson brand.

Refrigeration units Features

  1. Single-stage or two-stage reciprocating & scroll compressor
  2. Open Type and Box Type for your indoor or outdoor choice
  3. Medium, low, and ultra-low temperature application
  4. Compressor capacity: 2 HP to 50 HP
  5. Cooling capacity: 1.5 kW to 100 kW
  6. Optional refrigerants like R22, R404A, R134A, R407, R449, R448, and R507
  7. Copper tube and aluminum fins
  8. Axial fan motor, high airflow with low noise
  9. Air-cooled and water-cooled optional
  10. For bigger capacity, a Compressor rack is available (18HP~176HP)

Refrigeration units Features

  1. Many models to meet your needs, can be customized.
  2. High quality, easy to operate.
  3. Longer service life.
  4. Energy efficient.
  5. World famous brand refrigeration parts;
  6. Compact structure, sturdy and durable, easy to install.

Applications of Condensing Units

Our brand condensing unit is widely used for cold rooms, freezer rooms, processing rooms, restaurants, hospitals, and other cold room cooling industries.

Condensing unit for cold room

compressor unit

cold storage for fruits with bitzer condensing unit

Chiller storage for fruits

9HP Bitzer condensing unit for processing room

9HP Bitzer condensing unit for processing room

Condensing units for seafood cold storage

condensing units for seafood cold storage
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