Bitzer two stages condensing unit

Bitzer two stages blast freezer, 5HP to 120HP low temperature for blast freezer, freezer room. Electric heat/hot gas defrost.

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1. What is Bitzer two stages condensing unit

Bitzer’s two-stage condensing unit operates by cooling and compressing the refrigerant in two separate stages, enhancing energy efficiency and providing stable cooling performance. This process reduces energy consumption, leading to cost savings. The unit excels in environments requiring low-temperature refrigeration, such as frozen food storage and blast freezers, making it an ideal choice for commercial and industrial applications.

2. Features for Bitzer two stages condensing unit

3. Essential details

4. Open-type condensing unit components


Bitzer compressor condensing unit


5. Product application

meat freezer

Meat Refrigerated

Fish freezer

Fish Refrigerated

Chemical Industry

Chemical Industry

6. Electric Heat Defrost

Electric Heat Defrost in a cold room operates by using electric heating elements to melt frost build-up on the evaporator coils. This frost, if not removed, can insulate the coils, reducing heat transfer and efficiency. When frost is detected, the system activates, melting the frost into water which is then drained. This process restores the system’s operational efficiency, allowing it to maintain the desired temperature with less energy. It not only improves performance but also extends the system’s lifespan by reducing strain on the compressor

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