Double Side Blowing Air Cooler

  • Distributes cold air evenly on both sides, ensuring a consistent temperature throughout your space.
  • The compact and efficient design allows for optimal space utilization in your cold room.
  • Explore our customization options to find the perfect configuration for your needs.

Introduction to Our Double Side Blowing Air Cooler

The Double-Side Blow Air Cooler is a refrigeration device designed to maintain precise temperatures in cold rooms, crucial for facilities handling perishable goods. It features a bilateral air outlet system, ensuring an even distribution of cool air and optimal storage conditions.

Designed for efficiency and reliability, our coolers ensure uniform cooling distribution, making them ideal for processing rooms where consistency is key.

Why Choose Our Double-Side Blow Air Coolers?

These air coolers boast a robust design featuring high-quality fans for air distribution, corrosion-resistant materials for longevity, and a sleek structure that maximizes space utilization within the cold room.

  1. Uniform Cooling
    Our coolers are engineered to distribute cold air evenly on both sides, ensuring a consistent temperature throughout your space. This is crucial for preserving the quality and safety of temperature-sensitive products.
  2. Energy Efficiency
    Embrace the power of energy-saving technology. Our coolers are designed to minimize energy consumption, reducing your operational costs and supporting your sustainability goals.
  3. Space Optimization
    Maximize your usable space. The compact and efficient design of our coolers allows for optimal space utilization in your cold room, without compromising on cooling performance.
  4. Easy Installation
    Our coolers come with a straightforward installation guide, making setup quick and hassle-free.
double side blow evaporator

The Features of double side blowing air coolers

  1. Corrosion-Resistant Cabinet: Made of steel with a protective plastic coating.
  2. Quality Steel Shell: Durable with a plastic-sprayed surface.
  3. Supports Multiple Refrigerants: Compatible with R22, R404A, R507A, etc.
  4. Even Defrosting: With a stainless steel heater.
  5. Stable Cooling: Thanks to double water receivers.
  6. Efficient Cooling: With aluminum fins and expanded pipes.
  7. Extended Air Reach: Long-distance air throw option available.

Choosing the Right Evaporator for Your Needs


Assessing Size and Capacity
Let us help you find the perfect fit. Consider the size of your space and the volume of products to ensure you select a cooler with the right capacity.

Tailored for Various Applications
Whether it’s food processing, pharmaceuticals, or any other industry requiring precise temperature control, our coolers are up to the task.

Customization Options
We understand that one size doesn’t fit all. Explore our customization options to find the perfect configuration for your unique needs.

Our Projects using Double Side Blowing Air Cooler

processing room for meat products
Cold room for meat
Processing room for meat
Processing room small scale
Processing room for fruit and vegetable
processing cold room
Processing room for fish products
cold room for flower storage
Processing room for flower

Various Applications of Double-Side Blow Air Coolers

processing room for shrimp
processing room for fish seafood prooducts

1. Food Processing and Storage

  • Meat and Poultry Process: Maintain the freshness and safety of meat and poultry with precise temperature control, reducing the risk of bacterial growth.
  • Seafood Process: Process the products of fish, shrimp, crab, shellfish, and more, to keep food fresh and safety.
  • Dairy Products Process: Keep dairy products at the ideal temperature to preserve taste and extend shelf life.
  • Fruits and Vegetables Process: Ensure fruits and vegetables stay fresh longer by preventing spoilage and maintaining essential nutrients.
  • Other Process Cooling
2. Other Application
  • Pharmaceutical and Medical
  • Floral Storage

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