Manual sliding door

Manual sliding door for cold room, cold storage use, 0.6mm Baosteel color plate steel, strong aluminum door frame systems.

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Cold Room Manual sliding door:


  • Anti-dust guide cover: protect guide from dust and deformation.
  • Strong aluminum frame systems: no pressure on wall panel and cam lock.
  • Lifetime: 2-3 times longer than others’.
  • Design: by Teledoor in Germany.

1. Design:

(1) Anti-dust guide cover.

(2) Strong aluminum frame systems.

(3) An aluminum pillar will be added when door’s wide> 2 m.

(4) Safety device to avoid accident.

2. Our advantages:

Sliding door

3. Manual sliding door size:

(1) Consideration:

a. Whether you use forklift.

b. Product and forklift size.

c.Transportation, one side < 2.3 m is better.

(2)Max size:

Max height= Cold room internal height-400mm

Max wide= (Cold room internal wide-400mm)/2

Description of Sliding doors:

Applicable temperature  -45°C~+50°C
cold room door material 100% polyurethane foaming material
cold room door density 42kg/m
Panel Thickness (mm): 75, 100, 120, 150
Steel plate optional stainless steel, color steel plate, embossed aluminum plate.
Door type optional Manual sliding door and automatic sliding door
Door height 1200 – 2800mm
Door width 2000 – 3400mm

4. Components of Sliding doors:

(1) Door seal:  Made of EPDM, it has good chemical resistance, excellent durability and aging performance, wide temperature adaptability, and long-term working temperature is -50°C~+130°C.

(2) Door panel

The door panel is made of polyurethane and the panel is integrally foamed, and the appearance is flat and the heat preservation performance is good.

 (3) Door frame: Strong aluminum frame systems.

The door frame is made of aluminum alloy, which is neat and generous in appearance and durable. It overcomes the shortcomings of low strength and perishable wooden door frame. And equipped with self-limiting temperature electric heating belt, without temperature control or manual switching power supply.

(4) Guide rail device: aluminum alloy guide rail, the guide wheel device and the pressing wheel device cooperate to make the door separate from the door frame

(5) Drive and electric control (For automatic sliding door):

Integrated control of four drives, servo driver and high-resolution decoder; built-in 433MHZ remote control, 4.0 Bluetooth, EEE802.11 wireless local area network;

Airtight waterproof design, -10 degrees low-temperature heating function, +60 overheating protection function; Fast installation, saving wires and man-hours and reducing external interference

sliding door parts

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