Two ways door

Two-way door for cold room, to/fro door for cold storage, walk-in freezer. Easy to open and close. Application of processing room, supermarket.

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Two ways door features:

Industrial free door is a type of door that utilizes the principle of eccentric shaft to close automatically and slowly by the weight of the door body after the door body is opened.

1. Application of two ways door:

Pedestrians, carts, frequent entrances and exits. Such as processing room, and workshop channel.

2. Detail:

Applicable temperature
Cold room door material
100% polyurethane foaming material
Cold room door density
Panel Thickness (mm):
Steel plate optional
stainless steel
Door height
1 – 2.4m;
Door width
2 – 3.5m;
Door type optional
single leave;double leaves

3. Components:

(1) Door seal:
It is made of silicone rubber, which is in line with the food hygiene industry. No fasteners are needed during installation and it is easy to replace.

(2)Door panel:
The door body is made of stainless steel and polyurethane foaming, with thin thickness, lightweight, and smooth operation.

(3)Door frame:
The door frame is made of aluminum alloy, which is neat and generous in appearance and durable. It overcomes the shortcomings of low-strength and perishable wooden door frames.

The window is made of plexiglass and is resistant to shock and vibration.

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