Return doors

Good return doors 0.8 to 1.5m sizes, cold room, cold storage use, 0.6mm Baosteel color plate steel, can automatically close while open.

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Return doors features:

1. Design:

(1) Appearance: designed by German.

(2) Self-closing hinge: convenience to close.

(3) Seal: flexible plastic built-in magnetic strip, good seal.

(4) Lock: originating in American KASON, anti-rust, long life-time.

(5) The return doors are the same level with the wall panel.

2. Material:

(1) Surface material:

a.Color plate steel

b.Stainless steel

c.Other chooses: salinization/ aluminum/ galvanized


(2) Door frame:

Plastic profiles + color steel plates + PU foaming, no cold bridge, good insulation.


(3) PU foam inside the door with optional thickness: 100mm, 150mm

3.Optional accessories:

Glass window: with electric heating film.

(No frost on the glass, see inside clearly)


4.Optional types:

Single open return door/ Double open return door.

5. Application:

Food/ Industry/ Supermarket/ Storage/ Medicine/ Retail, etc…

When you are too busy to close the door on your own usually, self-closing door is a good choose. KFC love to use return door in their cold room.

cold room door

6. Application of two leaves hinged door:

Food/ Industry/ Supermarket/ Storage/ Medicine/ Retail.


When you need to use a forklift in the cold room, the door should be designed wider. Usually, we will advise using the sliding door, but if you prefer a hinged door, CRYO will give you another solution as follow.

Considering the compressive strength of the hinges, you had better use two leaf hinge door if the door needs to be designed wider than 1.2m.

It’s more convenient to open and close and ensure the long-lifetime of the door.

We provide the one-stop solution cold room with high-quality refrigeration systems(also with the refrigeration accessories)

Any need please contact us!

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