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Customized Temperature for Different Need

Processing Room

+10°C to +18°C

Cold Room

Close to 0°C

Freezer Room

-15°C to -30°C or lower

Blast Freezer Room

-30°C to -45°C or lower

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Ice Block



Hotels & Restaurants


Cold Storage Manufacturer in China

With 40+ years of industry experience since our establishment in 2011, we’ve proudly served 70+ countries and satisfied over 7,000 clients in Southeast Asia, North and South America. Count on us for top-quality, efficient cold storage solutions. Our experience, reliability, and innovation make us the ultimate choice for your refrigeration needs.

  • Project Done: Over the past decade, we’ve designed 7,000+ cold storage projects in various sectors like food processing, agriculture, and wholesale.
  • Partnerships: We collaborate with world-famous brands like Bitzer, Copeland, and Danfoss to ensure our solutions are cutting-edge and reliable.
  • Innovation: Our R&D team continually explores new frontiers, resulting in our Remote control cold storage system, which enables remote monitoring and optimization after 2 years of development.
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Customized solution for every project

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CRYO offers a wide selection of cold room storage, refrigeration units and accessories. At CRYO, we have done many cold room projects in different countries, with wide experience and professional knowledge. 

One Stop Solution for All Your Customized Cold Rooms Requirement.

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    CRYO systems, a cold room manufacturer, focus on providing high-quality cold room and one-stop solutions. CRYO produces high-quality cold room, PIR panels, and PU panels, and refrigeration equipment, With world-famous brand compressor and spare parts. With 3 years warranty and services life, 10 years guaranteed.

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