Ice cream, a universally loved dessert, requires specific storage conditions to maintain its quality, texture, and flavor.

Ice cream storage is a delicate process. It requires a consistent temperature of -20°C to -30°C to prevent ice crystal formation that can affect the texture and taste of the ice cream. Our cold storage rooms are designed to maintain this temperature range consistently, ensuring the quality of your ice cream.

In addition to temperature control, our cold storage solutions also consider the importance of humidity control. High humidity can lead to ice cream absorbing odors from the environment, while low humidity can cause freezer burn. Our cold storage rooms are equipped with advanced humidity control systems to prevent these issues.

This projects involved designing a cold storage solution for a large ice cream manufacturer. The client required a storage solution that could maintain the quality of their ice cream while accommodating a large volume of products.

Basic information

(1) Cold room size: 5x5x3 m.

(2)   Cold room inside temperature: -25 C

(3) Storage: Ice cream.

(4)  Project performance: Freezer ice cream to -25 C within 6 hours.

storage cold room

CRYO Solutions

  • -150 mm PU panel with 0.5 mm Baosteel two sides color plate.
  • -1.2×2 m Sliding door.
  • -30 HP Bitzer two stages compressor refrigeration unit.
  • -Floor: XPS panel floor.
  • -Evaporator: Electric heating, Magnesium cabinet.
  • -Accessories: Balance window + PVC curtain +Silicon +LED light and etc.


  • Quality Assurance: Our cold storage rooms are designed to maintain optimal temperature and humidity levels, ensuring the quality, texture, and taste of your ice cream.
  • Customization: We understand that every business has unique needs. That’s why we offer customized cold storage solutions that cater to your specific requirements.
  • Reliability: Equipped with dual refrigeration units and an automatic rotating switching system, our cold storage rooms ensure continuous operation and temperature control, providing a reliable storage solution for your ice cream.
  • Efficiency: Our cold storage rooms are designed for efficiency, allowing you to store large volumes of ice cream without compromising on quality.

Whether you’re an ice cream shop or a large manufacturer, we can design a cold storage solution that meets your specific needs.

Choose CRYO SYSTEMS for your ice cream cold storage needs, and experience the quality, reliability, and excellent customer service that we’re known for.

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