CRYO SYSTEMS Large-Scale Cold Storage Project in Singapore

Large-Scale Cold Storage Project Motorized Sliding Doors

The design of the Large-Scale Cold Storage Project in Singapore has considered the application of advanced technology, especially in the choice of doors, utilizing German TELEDOOR technology with high-quality motorized sliding doors to optimize operational efficiency and ensure the safety and quality of goods.

  • Automated Operation: The automated design of the motorized sliding doors makes entering and exiting the cold storage quicker and more convenient. Operators do not need to manually open or close the doors, reducing operation time and labor intensity.
  • Temperature Control: The rapid opening and closing function helps maintain a constant temperature within the cold storage, effectively reducing energy consumption while keeping the storage environment stable, which is crucial for maintaining the quality of goods.
  • High Safety: Motorized sliding doors are equipped with safety sensors that automatically stop closing when encountering an obstacle, protecting personnel and goods from damage.
  • Space Utilization: The design of sliding doors saves the space required for traditional doors to open, leaving more usable space inside the cold storage, especially suitable for use in places with limited space.
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Evaporative Cooling Unit in Singapore Cold Room

Based on feedback from our customers in Singapore, where ambient temperatures can soar to 40°C during summer, traditional air-cooled units struggled to effectively dissipate heat due to the hot air. In response, our engineers developed an evaporative cooling solution.

  • Enhanced heat exchange with water
  • Convenient on-site maintenance
  • Space-efficient design
  • Simplified transport and installation
  • Cost-effective operation
  • Reliability

Compressor Unit in Singapore Cold Room

By utilizing original brand new Bitzer screw compressors and associated systems, we ensure top-notch performance and reliability.

Our compressor unit features an automatic control system that adjusts compressor operation based on the cooling capacity required by the cold storage facility.

With our remote monitoring system, we offer cross-border commissioning and future online servicing capabilities. This enables us to provide convenient and timely after-sales support.

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