Commercial refrigerator rooms

Commercial refrigerator rooms for meat, pork, 100~200 PU/PIR panel with good insulation, high efficiency condensing unit, power consumption saving cost.

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Commercial refrigerator rooms features


1. Temperature:

(1) Range: 0~25℃、-5~25℃、-15~25℃、-25~25℃、-35~25℃、-50~25℃


Supermarkets/Markets/Restaurants/Hotels/Commercial centers, etc.

2.Storage product:

Vegetables/Fruits/Milk/Yoghourt/Flower, Etc…

3. PU panels surface materials

(1) Fresh fruits/ vegetables: Stainless steel 304/ Color plate/ Aluminum/ Salinization sheet/ Galvanized sheet.

PS: Color plate is the most popular& cost-effective.

(2) Seafood/ goods with high salt:

a. Stainless steel

b. Salinization sheet

c. (Internal side) Stainless steel + (external side) Salinization sheet/color plate steel/salinization/galvanized/ aluminum

d. (Internal side) Salinization sheet + (external side) Salinization sheet/color plate steel/salinization/galvanized/ aluminum

(3) Medicine: Stainless steel/ color plate

(4) Other food: Stainless steel 304/ Color plate/ Aluminum/ Salinization sheet/ Galvanized sheet.

4. Why must choose from a professional supplier?

(1) Save 30% on electricity bill.

(2) Save 50% on maintenance & breakdown.

(3) Save 80% on the installation cost & time.

(4) Professional design by experienced engineers.

So, CRYO are the best choice for you!


1. Panels

(1) Panels thickness: 50, 75, 100, 120, 150, 180, 200mm.

(2) Panels density: 42kg/m3

cold room panels

Density calculation test:







(3) Cam lock: Galvanized, easy and convenient for installation.

(4) Fireproofing

Fireproofing grade: A>B1>B2>B3 (Gradually increase from right to left)

Our PU panels: B1steel+B2foaming=B1 PU panels

(5) Surface materials

Surface materials

2. Doors:

(1) Hinged door:

Hinged-door 2

√ Designed: by Teledoor in Germany.

√ Surface materials: 0.6mm color plate.

√ Door hinges German STUV, EU standard.

√ Door’s hardware, switches and door seal: best quality.

√ Our door can be used 2-3 times longer than other suppliers’.

(2) Sliding doors:

√ Guide cover: protect guide from dust and deformation.

√ Professional design: no pressure on wall panel and cam lock.

√ Strong aluminum frame system: support the door, lead the door weight to floor.

Sliding door

(3)Self-closing doors:

√ Designed: self-closing hinge

√ Function: automatically shut off

√ Application: restaurant, hotel, etc…

When you are often too busy to close the door, the self-closing door is a good choice.

Self closing doors

Refrigeration solution


Drinks medium temperature cold room!

We designed the best cold room for our customer to store drinks, they were very satisfied with our design and service. “CRYO is the best coopration partner!”

Order info:

Cold room size: 3x3x2m(18m3)

PU panels: 100mm, 0.6 mm Baosteel color plate

Refrigeration unit:

Compact split systems refrigeration unit with 1.25 HP Embraco Hermetic reciprocating compressor.

We provide the one-stop solution cold room with high-quality refrigeration systems(also with the refrigeration accessories)

Any need please contact us!

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