Drive in Cooler

Drive in cooler, PIR panels with high density, high-efficiency refrigeration systems, as a large cold room warehouse, remain your food in a good condition for the long term.

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1. PIR Panels for drive-in cooler


Panel thickness: 50/75/100/120/150/200mm.

Panels density: 42kg/m3

Metal Material: color steel plate /Stainless Steel / Embossed Aluminum/ Galvanized Steel, and so on.

Metal thickness: 0.426mm, 0.5mm, 0.6mm, and so on.

Fire rating: B2 level.

Installation: Continuous panels

Plastic film + brown paper(corner) for each panel for shipping.

PIR panel

2. Insulated doors for drive-in cooler


CRYO has many kinds of insulated doors and industrial doors, technology and patents adopt from German, Spanish, and USA partners. Quality is guaranteed.

Door type: hinged door, sliding door (Manual and automatic), etc

Door Size: Customized, design for the cold room size

Cold room door material: 100% polyurethane foaming material

Metal Material: Stainless Steel / Galvanized Steel / Embossed Aluminum, and so on.

CRYO's hinged door and sliding door

3. Refrigeration systems

SPECIFICATIONS of refrigeration units

CRYO designs and builds systems that provide not only reliable temperatures but also energy efficiency and are easy to install and service.

Equipped with energy-efficient compressors, EC fan motors, and the electronic controller system are a few of the built-in elements that help reduce costs.

Condensing units for drive-in coolers, for a large cold room warehouse, and bigger capacity compressor racks units are available.

Refrigerant: R22, R404A, R134A, R407, R449,R448, R507

Temperature range: Medium temperature(-5C~+10C), low temperature(-15C~-30C) and deep blast temperature(-25~-40C)

Voltages: 220V/50HZ, 220V/60HZ, 380V/50HZ, etc, or Special voltages

Controller: Automatic electric controller, PLC

compressor rack 2


Standard Features

  • Stable Temperature
  • Single or double compartment models available
  • Available in a variety of lengths and widths
  • Best door seal and hardware.
  • German STUV hinges.
  • European lock.
  • 42kg/m3 good insulated panels
  • Strong aluminum door frame systems.
  • Embossed aluminum surface treatment
  • Sensor temperature control
  • Energy-saving products
  • Corrosion resistant equipment
  • Large capacity condenser for reliable performance
  • Compressors are available as hermetic, semi-hermetic, or scroll
  • Strong copper pipe, good bending, and welding
  • Customization

Optional Features

  • Sectional overhead doors are available
  • Stainless steel surface treatment
  • Remote control management platform (APP)
  • High Weight Capacity floor, A reinforced floor can be provided in applications with frequent traffic from heavy handcarts, dollies, or forklifts.
  • Water-cooled/air-cooled condenser
  • Hanging beam system
  • Dual pressure control (adjustable)

CRYO Advantage

Drive-in coolers and freezers are customs designed to fit any size for a variety of applications. All the equipment and parts are reliable and energy-saving. CRYO makes the job much easier and more efficient with one source service for panels, doors, refrigeration systems, and installation. Experienced sales and design personnel will work with you.

We provide the one-stop solution cold room with high-quality refrigeration systems(also with the refrigeration accessories)

Any need please contact us!

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