Sliding door with glass window

Sliding door with glass window for cold room, cold storage use, 0.6mm Baosteel color plate steel, strong aluminum door frame systems.

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Features for sliding door with glass window

1. Application:

Air conditioning freezer.

e.g.: If you store fruits or vegetables in air conditioning freezer with sliding door with glass window, you can observe the goods outside, don’t need to enter freezer frequently that will let much air conditioning out and affect the air balance of freezer.

2. Components:

0.6mm Baosteel color plate.

3. Design:

(1) Anti-dust guide cover.

(2) Transmission operation.

(3) Strong aluminum frame systems.

(4) An aluminum pillar will be added when door’s wide> 2 m.

(5) Electronic control system: Schneider brand electrical components.

(6) Glass window: with electric heating film. (No frost on the glass, see inside clearly).


sliding door with glass window

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