Small ice ceam freezer diaplay showcase 165L

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Model SD-165BY
Tank size (mm) 469 x 559 x 625
Product size(mm) 625 x 710 x 910
Packing size(mm) 695 x 770 x 990
40HQ container 102pcs
Key feature
Capacity 165L
Refrigerant R290
Temperaturw ≤-22°C
Baskets NO. 2
Glass doors Front-behind
MOQ 200pcs

Brand Advantage

1. Professional Ice Cream Freezer OEM Solutions

-Overall freezer OEM solutions for ice cream branding

-Curved glass door ice cream display freezers

-Capacity from 165L to 365L


2. In Chinese TOP 5 brand, strict quality control

-Fogging-free glass top, clear view on all ice cream flavors

-Environmental friendly & low noise


3. Flexible delivery time for URGENT orders

-Timely respond

-Easy communication with us

-Shipment solutions


Deep freezing,  All-sided OEM options


Products information

1. Fogging-free glass doors

Tempered glass with isolating film

Tight frame locks the cool air

Special design drain hole


2. Lock

Anti-rust keys and lock



3. Frame

Integrated frame (165L)

Silver grey + black frame(265L and 365L)

Streamlined & nice


4. Casters

Strong & firm

Convenient moving


Freezer OEM options

1. 3 sides sticker poster

Good quality sticker

Fresh color, not easy to fade


2. Canopy with sticker

Enhancing promotion effects

Shiny light


3. Dividers for baskets

Classify ice cream flavors

Convenient adjustment


4. Interior led light trip

Easy for customers picking ice cream

Stable light 

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