Cold storage for chicken is for fresh chicken. It is equipped with 150mm PU panel and powerful refrigeration machine to cool down to -35C within 5 hours.

chicken cold storage basic information

(1) Cold room size: 10x6x3 m.

(2)  Cold room inside temperature: -18~-20C

(3) Storage: Frozen fish

(4)  Project performance: Freezer fresh chicken to -35 C within 5 hours.

Cold storage for chicken projects

CRYO Solutions

  • -150 mm PU panel with 0.5 mm Baosteel two sides color plate.
  • -1.2×2 m Sliding door.
  • -Semi-hermetic type 60HP Bitzer refrigeration unit.
  • -Floor: XPS panel floor.
  • -Evaporator: Electric heating, Floor mounted evaporator.
  • -Accessories: Balance window + PVC curtain +Silicon +LED bulbs and etc.

Advantages for CRYO cold room for chicken

(1) Better insulation panel design, saving 30% power.

(2) Offer all the accessories, Danfoss part.

(3) Professional design and guidance by experienced engineer, saving 30% installation cost.

Store Meat Project Case

Deep freezer room for 400 tons Chicken &beef
Deep freezer room for 400 tons Chicken &beef
Freezer rooom for poultry distributors
Freezer rooom for poultry distributors

We at CRYO Systems will provide you with suitable cold rooms requiring less maintenance and which are easy to deal with.

We are a professional team, specializing in varieties of cold storage, provide considerate service and the most suitable solution for you.

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