The vegetable cold room is so important, for that:
Designing and constructing food processing rooms absolutely correctly is critical to keeping products(vegetables or fruits, and others) at the correct temperature and humidity. So that to keep them in good condition and improve food safety.

Basic information

(1) Cold storage size: 10x7x3 m

(2) Cold room inside temperature: 0-10℃

(3) Storage: Vegetables like onions, carrots, tomatoes and potatoes and etc.

(4) Project performance: Keep temperature 0-10℃ for vegetables fresher.

Cold storage for chicken projects

CRYO Solutions

  • (1)100 mm PU panel with 0.6 mm Baosteel two sides color plate.
  • (2)1.5×2.1m Hinged door.
  • (3)Monoblock type 6.5 HP Danfoss.
  • (4)Compoents: Danfoss valve, Italy Digital Dixell and so on.
  • (5)Accessories: Balance window + PVC curtain +Silicon +LED bulbs and etc.

Advantages for CRYO Cold storage for vegetable

(1) Better insulation panel design, saving 30% power.

(2) Professional design and guidance by experienced engineers, saving 30% installation cost.

(3) Not only European quality, but also easy to install.

Store Vegetable Project Case

vegetable cold room warehouse
vegetable cold room warehouse
Vegetable cold storage for 500 tons
Vegetable cold storage for 500 tons

We at CRYO Systems will provide you with suitable cold rooms requiring less maintenance and which are easy to deal with.

We are a professional team, specializing in varieties of cold storage, provide considerate service and the most suitable solution for you.

The loss of fruit and vegetable due to improper storage and handling can range from 10% to 40%. Once the crops are cooled to the optimal storage temperature, proper storage conditions (temperature and humidity) are needed to extend the storage life and maintain quality.

Fresh fruits and vegetables require low temperature and high relative humidity to reduce respiration and slow down metabolism and transpiration rate. By slowing down these processes, water loss can be reduced and food value, quality and energy reserves can be maintained.

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