Seafood cold room is a low temperature room to maintain the freshness of all kinds of seafood.

Seafood cold room is a critical process that requires a consistent temperature to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria and maintain the quality of the seafood. Different types of seafood require different storage temperatures. For instance, live shellfish should be stored at temperatures between 1°C to 2°C, while frozen fish requires temperatures as low as -30°C. Our cold storage rooms are designed to maintain these conditions consistently, ensuring the safety and quality of your seafood.

This is one of our seafood cold storage cases: 

Seafood Cold Room Basic Information​

(1) Cold room size: 10 x 6 x 3 m.

(2) Inside temperature of cold room: -18~-20C

(3) Storage: frozen fish

(4) Project Performance: Keep frozen fish at -18~-20C

Seafood cold room with professional design

CRYO solution on this cold room for seafood​

  • 150mm PU panel with 0.5mm stainless steel double-sided color plate.
  • 1.x2 m sliding door.
  • 14HP Bitzer split type unit.
  • Floor: Embossed aluminum sheet + PU panel.
  • Evaporator: Electric heating, Magnesium Cabinet.
  • Accessories: balance window + PVC curtain + silicone + LED light, etc.

Advantages of the CRYO Seafood cold room

(1) Better insulation panel design, saving 30% energy.

(2) Professional design and guidance by experienced engineer, saving 30% installation cost.

(3) CE certificate, food grade.

Seafood Store Project Case​

Processing room for seafood
Seafood processing room
tuna blast freezerinsulation door
-60C tuna cold storage

CRYO provides a variety of refrigeration products and services for the seafood industry, the cold storage temperature range from -5 to -40℃, suitable for keeping seafood fresh and frozen.

Also, if you need to freeze high-quality seafood such as tuna, we have the product — Tuna blast freezer for your reference.

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