Customized Blast Freezer Room in meat processing plant

In the fast-paced food industry, quality and efficiency are crucial, and our blast freezer for customers stands out as a reliable solution for storing frozen meats.

Imagine in a busy meat processing plant, the need to continuously store and freeze large quantities of meat. The client requires a customized blast freezer measuring 12.7×5.15 meters, with a height of 5.35 meters, capable of providing a freezing capacity of 20 tons in just 22-24 hours.

Based on the needs of our customers, we have developed the Blast Freezer For Customers solution:

150mm Panels:

These panels not only provide excellent insulation but also ensure the internal temperature of the freezer remains stable. The outstanding insulation properties help reduce energy consumption, offering optimal protection for frozen products.

0.5mm Baosteel Steel Sheet:

The outer layer of the panels is covered with 0.5mm thick Baosteel steel sheet.

This durable material has excellent corrosion resistance and stability, ensuring the freezer remains intact and extending the lifespan of the product.

It effectively prevents external environmental factors from damaging the freezer.

Customized Blast Freezer 1.8x2m Sliding Door:

This cleverly designed 1.8x2m sliding door features an aluminum frame structure, ensuring sturdiness and facilitating easy access to the freezer room.

The door is made of insulation materials, providing excellent thermal insulation performance and effectively reducing temperature fluctuations inside the freezer room.

This convenient blast freezer solution design not only enhances operational efficiency but also helps ensure a more stable freezing effect, offering users a better overall experience.

125 HP Bitzer Screw Compressor:

With a 125 HP Bitzer screw compressor, it provides powerful refrigeration capacity, ensuring the internal temperature of the freezer quickly drops to the required -35°C within the specified time.

This efficient compressor guarantees fast freezing of food during the hanging process, maintaining freshness and texture.

Customized Blast Freezer Evaporative Condenser:

This blast freezer project equipped with an evaporative condenser, it significantly improves refrigeration efficiency and ensures stable temperatures inside the freezer.

Magnesium alloy steel cabinet, anti-corrosion.

Stainless steel heater, even defrost.

This design helps maintain the quality and texture of the meat while reducing energy consumption and enhancing freezing efficiency.

Equipped with High-Speed and High-Power Fan Motor:

Providing strong airflow, it can quickly circulate a large amount of air, effectively enhancing the cooling system’s ability to quickly reduce temperature, ensuring rapid and even cooling of the entire target area.

Effectively overcomes resistance caused by filters or ductwork, maintaining optimal airflow without significant pressure drops.

It has the characteristics of fast cooling, wide coverage and high energy utilization efficiency.

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