Sam's Supermarket Cold Room Solutions: Quality & Efficiency

Project Overview

Sam’s Supermarket is one of the world’s leading retailers and has very high requirements for cold chain logistics and refrigeration facilities. We worked with Sam’s Supermarket to complete the cold room storage project for its newest store, ensuring the efficient storage and preservation of its fresh food and frozen products.


Customer demand: A supermarket wanted to expand its refrigerated and frozen food storage capacity to offer customers a greater variety and quantity of cold foods.

Supermarket Project Details

  1. Division of the cold room area: Depending on the different temperature requirements, the cold room area is divided into different temperature areas such as the refrigerated area, freezing area and quick-freezing area.
  2. Shelving systems: Set up suitable shelves and storage racks in the cold storage area to meet the storage requirements needs of different foods.
  3. Temperature control system: Install an efficient temperature control system to ensure that the food in each temperature zone can maintain a stable temperature.
  4. Cold room door and transition area: Set up a cold room door and transition area to reduce temperature loss and cold air leakage.
  5. Lighting and ventilation system: Provide adequate lighting and ventilation in the cold store to facilitate staff work and ensure air circulation.

Cold Room in Supermarket Design Rule

The structure of Sam Supermarket’s open cold sotage may include the following aspects:

  1. Space planning: Determine the space planning of the cold storage room based on the actual requirements of the supermarket and the storage capacity of the goods. Open cold storage room usually require a larger area so that the goods can be better presented on the shelves.
  2. Classification of the temperature zones: Depending on the type of food and the refrigeration temperature requirements, the Refrigeration storage is divided into different temperature zones, e.g. refrigeration area, fresh-keeping area and freezing area.
  3. Shelving systems: Set up suitable stainless steel shelves and storage racks inside the cold room to meet the storage requirements of different foods, and consider the ergonomics and operating requirements of the staff.
  4. Cold airflow design: Design a reasonable cold airflow according to the layout of the shelves and cold storage to ensure that the surface of the food is evenly cooled and prevent the airflow from causing damage to the food.
  5. Cold room door and transition area: Set up the cold room door and transition area with an automatic closing device to reduce temperature loss and prevent temperature fluctuations in the cold room.
  6. Lighting and ventilation of the cold room: Provide adequate lighting and ventilation to facilitate the work of staff and ensure air circulation while avoiding effects on temperature and humidity.
  7. Cold room maintenance system: Establish a complete maintenance system, regularly inspect and clean shelves, air-conditioning systems and other equipment, and repair and replace accessories in time to ensure the normal operation of the cold storage.

The Importance of Temperature Control

In a supermarket cold storage, temperature control is the key element. It is necessary to ensure that different types of food are stored in a suitable and constant temperature environment:

  • Fruit and vegetables: should be kept at 10-15°C to extend freshness and shelf life.
  • Milk and dairy: should be stored at 4-7°C to prevent spoilage and bacterial growth.
  • Frozen food: should be kept at 0℃ to ensure food stays fresh for longer.
  • Frozen meat: should be kept at -18°C to ensure long-term storage and quality of the meat.

These temperature settings ensure the freshness and quality of the food and prevent spoilage and deterioration.

If you also need the supermarket or commerical cold room for builders, please feel free to contact us. We are committed to providing you with the highest quality cold storage solutions to ensure your goods are always in the best condition. Let us work together to improve the efficiency of your cold chain logistics efficiency!

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