Freezer Room Deisgn

freezer room

1# Location:

Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Ghana, Angola, Togo, Mauritius, etc

2# Design principle

  • Remote control, PLC control
  • Hot gas defrosting, to save power
  • Less space for machines room
  • Easy installation, no need engineers

3# Freezer Room Project basic info

  • Room dimension 30x18x9meter
  • Room temperature: -18~-25C
  • 5x 30HP monoblock refrigeration units

4# Rough drawing

Turnkey cold room project for seafood

5# Insulated panels

It’s 150mm PIR panels with 0.6mm color plate (Baosteel). Baosteel is top 1 steel manufacturer in China, its color plate is best quality, with 70g/sqm zinc-coated layer, two layers of 20 micrometer polyester. So no corrosion problem during its service life.

Insulated PIR panels

6# Monoblock Refrigeration machines

In this case, we choose monoblock unit, all-in-one unit is easy to install and use.  Monoblock unit is a compact machine that includes all components in one body,  which has a small volume, and is for use in medium and low temperatures.

Monoblock refrigeration units for cold storage

Ready to make the freezer room design for your business?  We design different refrigeration equipment for your needs.

Contact us today to discuss your specific needs and get a customized quote. Let’s make your seafood business more frozen and efficient together!

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