CRYO SYSTEMS Logistics Cold Storage Project in South America

Logistics cold storage facilities are typically built in areas where land is relatively inexpensive yet transportation is convenient. This not only helps reduce construction and operating costs, thus increasing return on investment, but also reduces the distance and time costs of transporting goods, enabling fast and efficient transportation.

Project Overview

The logistics cold storage project in South America covers an area of 1800 square meters with a height of 10 meters and is equipped with advanced shelving systems aimed at providing efficient and reliable cold chain logistics services. The core objective of this project is to meet the growing demand for cold chain logistics in the region by enhancing storage efficiency and cargo handling speed.

cold storage in south America
cold storage in south America

South America Project One-Stop Service

Our one-stop service covers all aspects related to the construction of cold storage facilities, from the procurement of high-quality refrigeration panels and units to the installation of efficient shelving systems. Our team will work closely with clients to ensure that every stage of the process meets their needs and expectations.

Customized Panels:

The South American logistics cold storage panels we provide can meet various needs in terms of size and function.

The panel thickness options include 50mm, 75mm, 100mm, 120mm, 150mm, and 200mm, suitable for different temperature requirements in refrigerated warehouses, cold storage buildings, and logistic cold storage.

Our panels are made from high-performance insulation materials and low-flammability foam materials, effectively preventing heat exchange and ensuring the stability of the internal temperature of the cold storage.

Cold Storage Refrigeration Units:

Our condensing units use German Bitzer semi-hermetic piston compressors.

Our selected units boast several advantages and features, such as high energy efficiency, stable and reliable performance, and long durability.

Moreover, our units are equipped with intelligent control systems that can monitor the operating status of cold storage in real-time, ensuring the safety and efficiency of goods storage.

Logistics Shelving Systems:

Stainless steel shelving: Rust-resistant with a long service life.

We offer various types of shelving, including single-layer, multi-layer, and pull-out, making storing and retrieving goods easy. This improves the turnover rate and transportation efficiency of the goods.

South American logistics cold storage Installation Guidance:

We will provide a professional installation team for the project, with extensive experience and technical knowledge to ensure the correct installation and commissioning of the cold storage facility. This includes:

  • On-Site Guidance: Our installation team will be on-site to guide construction workers in installing and commissioning equipment according to design requirements. They will work closely with the construction team to ensure quality and safety at every step.
  • Technical Support: We will provide real-time technical support during the installation process to address any issues or challenges encountered on-site. Our installation team will communicate closely with the client and construction team to ensure smooth progress of the project.
  • Training Services: After installation, we will provide training services on equipment operation and maintenance to ensure clients can proficiently operate and maintain the equipment for extended lifespan.

Contact us today to design your customized cold room solutions. Quality assured with world-famous brands, we provide the perfect solution for medium-scale or large-scale storage needs.

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Contact us today to design your customized cold room solutions. Quality assured with world-famous brands, we provide the perfect solution for medium-scale or large-scale storage needs.

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