CRYO SYSTEMS Logistics Cold Storage Project in Australia

With the rapid development of the modern economy, the logistics industry is characterized by speed, accuracy, and small batch sizes. Traditional cold storage facilities are no longer sufficient to meet the demands of contemporary logistics. Hence, the development of multifunctional modern logistics cold storage facilities has become increasingly important. These modern logistics cold storage facilities not only offer diversified services such as full rental, partial rental, and packaging but also adapt to the rapid changes in modern logistics, providing more convenient and efficient solutions for the storage and transportation of goods.

Project Overview

We are constructing a 3000 ㎡ logistics cold storage facility in Australia to meet the storage and transportation needs of agricultural products. The cold storage will provide storage space at high temperatures (+10~+15 degrees Celsius), specifically for storing fruits and vegetables, and will be equipped with loading and unloading areas to ensure rapid and efficient transportation of goods.


Planning and Design of Logistics Cold Storage Project in Australia


Customized Storage Space:

The cold storage will be divided into different storage areas, including storage spaces suitable for fruits such as apples, pears, and strawberries, as well as storage spaces suitable for vegetables such as broccoli, carrots, and spinach.

Customized storage conditions and areas will be provided based on the characteristics of different fruits and vegetables to meet the personalized needs of customers.

Choose the best match cold room refrigeration equipments, insulated doors and insulated panels, an other relative products.

Design of Loading and Unloading Areas:

Loading and unloading areas will be established, equipped with professional loading and unloading equipment to ensure rapid and efficient loading and unloading of goods, thereby enhancing logistics efficiency.

The internal space of the cold storage will be reasonably divided, and storage areas will be flexibly adjusted to maximize logistics efficiency.

Consideration for Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency:

We strictly adhere to international standards to ensure product quality and safety. Environmental protection and energy conservation are emphasized, with the adoption of high-efficiency refrigeration equipment and insulation materials to reduce energy consumption and operating costs.

Carefully Designed Systems:

Our pipeline system is designed to effectively reduce pipeline pressure loss. We provide multi-suction branch control and have designed fault-tolerant mechanisms to achieve fully automatic control of the cold storage facility.

High-quality and Efficient Equipment:

The compressors and condensers are of high quality and have long lifespans.

All components are sourced from reputable brands such as Danfoss and Bitzer to ensure the reliability and stability of the system.

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