-60C Cold Storage for Tuna Fish Storage

-60C cold storage

Needless to say, -20~-35C temperature is suitable for most frozen products, including beef, chicken, ice cream and seafood, etc.

But when it comes to some special products, -50~-60C ultra low-temperature cold room is a must. For example, we can’t put the frozen tuna in a -30C freezer room.

Quality is very important and now we’ll tell our basic design.

1# Location:

Fiji, Sri Lanka, Dominica, Ecuador, etc

2# Design principle

  • Parallel redundant refrigeration system, one compressor or fan stop, whole systems still provide 100% capacity
  • Easy install, easy operate and easy to fix
  • As lower power consumption as possible

3# Cold Storage Project basic info

  • Tuna come from super freezer container and frozen boat
  • Maximum 20 tons tuna inlet per day
  • Maximum 300 tons frozen tuna

4# Rough drawing

Design: -60C cold storage is inside a -25C freezer room.

-60C cold storage design - CRYO

5# Insulated panels

The -60C cold storage is inside a -25C freezer room, so it’s two layers of 150mm PIR panels, density 42kg/m3. 

Polyisocyanurate foaming, Non-CFCs or Non-HCFC foaming. It’s cyclopentane. 

Insulated PIR panels

6# Insulated Doors

It should be a good design, with both the doorframe heater and the doorsill heater.

tuna blast freezerinsulation door

7# Condensing units

When it comes to -50~-60C, with authorized technology from our European partners, we could give you a high quality -60C refrigeration systems, which is long lasting, power efficiency and easy operation & maintenance.

We would use Bitzer compressors, Mycom, SRM, Hitachi screw compressors, etc. They has different characteristics and we would listen to customers before quotation.

Cascade refrigerating system, Bitzer compressor and evaporator

Ready to Store your high-value quality seafood with complete cold storage solutions? 

Contact us today to discuss your specific needs and get a customized quote. Let’s make your seafood business more frozen and efficient together!

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