Dry air cooler

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Industiral dry air cooler

V and flat type dry cooler

Dry cooler is a heat exchanger with fin tubes, and it can direct cool the medium by air without water.
Flat shape and V shape are the most popular types.

V and flat type air cooler para

Dry coolers were designed to achieve an optimized exchange of thermal energy between air and a refrigerant or fluid. In order for dry cooler to work, the air temperature needs to be cooler than water in the system. To cool the system liquid, hot process liquid flows through the dry cooler tubes. The liquid is then cooled by the relatively cold ambient air that is forced through the coil.

The advantages are low maintenance cost, safe and reliable operation, long service life, and free of scaling.

gas cooler OEM optional 1

Fan/ Low noise axial fans

Adopting a high-quality motor, the reasonable gap with the wind vane, guide ring, and hyperbolic designed ducting achieve maximum efficiency of the fan

Copper Pipe

Efficient use of multiple tooth inner thread pipe, Rate of more than 99.9%, increasing of the innertube surface area and improving the efficiency of heat transfer

The Pipeline design

The heat exchanger is adopted directly back to the oil and counter exchanger area, improving the heat transfer efficiency and counter-current, to avoid the accumulation of oil and make full use of ensuring the superheat temperature of the heat exchanger.


Using3003 aluminum alloy shell or DC51-D+180g, spraying paint. For outdoor, and after high-temperature curing, the material has

high strength, and strong corrosion-resistance, standard color is RAL9010.

Our Advantage - Gas cooler

  1. Shape with flexible and changeable, drawing blowing. Forward airflow, airflow up, airflow down precision meet the actual needs of different occasions, the cold quantity to the location of the actual needs, improve efficiency.
  2. Finned length up to 12m, Finned height up to 2.7m
  3. Built-in ambient temperature and humidity sensors, as well as water temperature and pressure sensors
  4. Details of the wet curtain, the standard configuration of water pump, water inlet valve, automatic drain valve, and liquid level control
  5. Modular assembly design, vertical and horizontal installation on-site adjustment
  6. EC axial fan anti-corrosion application treatment: standard salt spray 720 hours

Dry cooler Detailed


Modular structure, use the high quality of zinc magnesium-aluminum material (304 or 316 stainless steel for option)

strong corrosion-resistance

gas cooler
copper pipe

Heat- exchange Tube

Strong copper pipe, good bending, and welding.


Aluminium fins, Hydrophilic Al Fin, etc optional

low noise fan


High quality axial fan, Low noise design

Dry cooler Application

Dry coolers are used in multiple buildings types and applications, including the following:

    1. Steel Industry
    2. Chemical and petrochemical plants
    3. Refinery & petrochemicals
    4. Power Industry
    5. food industries – cooling solution
    6. Refrigeration / Air conditioning — as a condenser for air-cooled chiller
    7. Data centers
    8. Hospitals/medical office buildings
    9. Induction cooling

Successful Case

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