Food cold storage

Food cold storage, 100~200 PU/PIR panel with good insulation, store various foods, high efficiency condensing unit, power consumption saving cost.

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Features of Food cold storage


1. Temperature:

(1) Range: a.10~15°C b. -5~10°C c. -15~-25°C


Medium temperature room: fresh vegetables/ fruits→ keep fresh for long-term store

Low temperature room:  frozen meat→ keep frozen

2.Storage product:

Vegetables/Fruits/Milk/Yoghourt/Flower, Etc…

3. Panels surface suggestion:

(1) Seafood cold room: Stainless steel / Salinization sheet.

(2) Other meat: Color plate steel.

(3) Other chooses: aluminum/ galvanized

(4) Special chooses: two different surface materials

Color plate and stainless steel

#Color plate steel is the best choice for vegetables/ fruits/meat storage: anti-rust, good insulation, cost-effective, long life span.

#Stainless steel is used for freezing seafood or goods with high salt usually, and don’t need to worry any problem about corrosion, rusts or scratch.


Different food has a different solution, give us your message and we will design the customized cold room for your requirement.


More guidance for choosing the steel you could check: Steel for the food storage: suitable is the best.


1. Panels

(1) Panels thickness: 50, 75, 100, 120, 150, 180, 200mm.

(2) Panels density: 42kg/m3

cold room panels

Density calculation test:







(3) Cam lock: Galvanized, easy and convenient for installation.

(4) Fireproofing

Fireproofing grade: A>B1>B2>B3 (Gradually increase from right to left)

Our PU panels: B1steel+B2foaming=B1 PU panels

(5) Surface materials

Surface materials

2. Doors:

(1) Hinged door:

Hinged-door 2

√ Designed: by Teledoor in Germany.

√ Surface materials: 0.6mm color plate.

√ Door hinges German STUV, EU standard.

√ Door’s hardware, switches and door seal: best quality.

√ Our door can be used 2-3 times longer than other suppliers’.

(2) Sliding doors:

√ Guide cover: protect guide from dust and deformation.

√ Professional design: no pressure on wall panel and cam lock.

√ Strong aluminum frame system: support the door, lead the door weight to floor.

Sliding door

(3)Self-closing doors:

√ Designed: self-closing hinge

√ Function: automatically shut off

√ Application: restaurant, hotel, etc…

When you are often too busy to close the door, the self-closing door is a good choice.

Self closing doors

Refrigeration solution


Customer info: 13.8×7.5×3.3m freezer rooms for Nick. He sells a large number of frozen meats every month. The cold room is installed inside the house and local voltage is not stable, so we advise using phase sequence protector.

Order info:

Temperture: -20°C

Panel: 120mm with two sides color plate steel.

Refrigeration unit:

Two pcs 18HP Bitzer compressor

We provide the one-stop solution cold room with high-quality refrigeration systems(also with the refrigeration accessories)

Any need please contact us!

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