Lemon cold storage

Lemon cold storages, suitable temperatures for lemon, can slow down the natural decaying process of lemons, keep fruits in good condition for the long-term.

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Feature for lemon cold storages


1. Specific requirements:

Temperatures: 13~15℃ (5~7℃,the best)

Moisture: 85—90%

2. What’s cold room?

The cold room is used for long-term storage of fresh fruits, vegetables, flowers, etc. In addition to the control of temperature and moisture in the cold room, we need to consider the respiration of plants in the cold room at the same time, but also regulate and control O2, CO, N2, and ethylene, inhibits respiration and metabolism of fruits, vegetables and other plants in a dormant state, in order to achieve the purpose of long-term storage.


  • Store fruits, vegetables, flowers, etc. for long-term.
  • Good preservation effect.
  • Keep fruits, vegetables, flowers, etc. on storage rack for longer time.
  • A green, environmental way for storage.
  • Low consumption.

3. Surface materials of PU panels we suggest:

4. Refrigeration solution

Lemon storage in cold storage – Cold room with 10℃ for lemon!

Cold room size: 15x6x5m(450m3)

PU panels: 0.5mm Baosteel color plate

Refrigeraion unit:

2 sets of 10HP Bitzer Semi-hermetic compressor.

We provide the one-stop solution cold room with high-quality refrigeration systems(also with the refrigeration accessories)

Any need please contact us!

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