potato cold storage

Potato cold room, low temperatures can slow down the natural decaying process of potatoes, helps keep potatoes (vegetables) edible longer.

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CRYO Cold Storage for Fish Features:

Potato cold storage solution

The proper potato storage environment will promote the most rapid healing of bruises and cuts, reduce rot penetration to a minimum, allow the least loss of mass and other storage losses to occur, and reduce to a minimum the deleterious quality changes that might occur during storage. Here are the potatoes stored temperature:

Early-crop potatoes are usually stored at 10 to 15°C.
Late-crop potatoes are usually stored at 4°C.

The solution of potato cold storage:

-1. Room Temperature: 0~+10C

-2. Cold Storage Panel:

120~150mm thick PU/PIR panel

Surface steel can be a color plate. If you prefer stainless steel, it is better. The color plate looks pretty and saves money while stainless steel is more anti-rust, more durable.

For more guidance for choosing the steel, please click: Steel for the food storage.

Color plate and stainless steel

-3. Cold Storage Door:

German Design hinged door and sliding door, the size is customized according to your requirements. Normally use 0.9*1.8m,1*2m door size.

CRYO's hinged door and sliding door

-4. Refrigeration units:

he compressor capacity choice as per the size you prefer building. All compressors are original new famous brands. Bitzer, Emerson Copeland, GEA, Danfoss, Mycom are available.

-5. Price:

Different prices for different customizations. Contact us for specific cold room solutions.

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    Project Case for potato cold storage

    Andikan from Nigeria——Potato cold storage.

    This customer needs cold storage to store potatoes and other vegetables.

    Order info:

    Size: 16x24x10ft.

    Temperture: -10- 5°C.

    Panel: 100mm with two sides color plate steel.
    Refrigeration unit: Wall-mounted monoblock unit.

    potato cold storage

    potato cold storage

    20x10x3.8 meters chiller room for vegetable

    20x10x3.8 meters chiller room for vegetable

    8m height big cold storage warehouse

    8m height big cold storage warehouse

    30x20m cold storage room with 5x40HP monoblock

    30x20m cold storage room with 5x40HP monoblock
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