Steel for the food storage: suitable is the best

Steel for the food storage: suitable is the best

Do you know that different food like meat, fruits, vegetable, mushroom, medicine, seafood, flower and ice cream need a suitable steel surface for PU panel to store?

In order to meet the different requirement of different customers like: FOOD, DRINK manufacturer and retail, FISH, SEAFOOD wholesaler or retailer, Farm, hotels, restaurants, agriculture, Warehousing or distribution or Pharmaceutical & Medical, etc


We, CRYO provide different choices of surface steel for PU panel and no matter what food you want to store, we will find the best and suitable PU panel for your actual requirement.


We have color plate steel, stainless steel, Embossed aluminum sheet, Salinization steel and Zinc-coated steel for you to choose. These different steels are for different applications. Let me introduce to you.

different steels



1. Color painted steel is the most popular and cost-effective. This steel is widely used and for example: normal vegetable, fruits, flower and ice-cream cold room






2. Salinization sheet is one more salinization layer than color plate steel, it often is used for seafood but the price better than stainless steel plate



3. Stainless steels (SUS304) is the best quality steel compared to the others. It is anti-rust but little expensive. Also for seafood room or for the health level requirement high places



4. Aluminum steel has really nice appearance and good feeling. It’s popular in the American market. We usually use it for cold room floor surface.


5. Galvanized (Zinc-coated steel) is very hard and heavy, and the floor surface usually uses it.


For more: you could get in touch with us and leave your message to get the latest price and ask questions, and we will reply as soon as possible.


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