Some tips perhaps you haven’t considered when choosing cold room

Some tips perhaps you haven't considered when choosing food storage cold room

When you are choosing a  for the food storage, what will you consider?

  To design a food storage plant, in addition to considering the size of the cold room, the most important thing you need to consider for a cold room is to select the suitable refrigeration temperature of the cold room.

Medium temperature walk-in freezer is -5℃~ 10℃:

For refrigerated storage of food like vegetables, fruit, egg, pharmaceutical material, floral, wood, etc.

The low-temperature walk-in freezer is -15℃~ -25℃:

Suit for frozen storage of food like meat, seafood, etc.

For the frozen storage of ice cream or other deep-frozen food, etc…

Ultra-low temperature walk-in freezer is ≤-30℃:

For quick-frozen food, industrial laboratory test room, medical treatment, blood bank, etc.

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