40ft container freezer

The container freezer maintains the freshness and value of the product through long-distance sea transportation, by maintaining the temperature of -60.

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Products Description

Container freezers are equipped with refrigeration units, also called reefer containers, are used for goods that need temperature control during shipping.

By maintaining -60 degrees Celsius container temperatures, the super container freezer maintain the freshness and value of the product through long-distance sea transportation, thereby providing an environmentally friendly alternative to expensive air freight.
What’s more, the super freezer is especially suitable for high-value goods such as sashimi-grade tuna, swordfish or sea urchin, etc.

Container Freezer – Reefer Container

1. Flexible locations for the cold room – MOVABLE!
2. 10ft 20ft 40ft containers are available.

3. Inside temperature range:-60℃ to -35℃ centigrade.

Products Characteristics

Size 40 feet
Modification HC
Container type Refrigerator
Condition New
Volume not less than 59.9 m3
External dimensions (LxWxH) 12192x2438x2895mm
Internal dimensions (LxWxH) no more than 10279x2292x2546mm.
Isolation Heat loss coefficient, not more than “0.34” W / K Insulation
material polyurethane
The density of the insulation in the walls In the bottom panel 45 ~ 50 Kg / m3
In the upper panel 40 ~ 45 Kg / m3
In the side panel 40 ~ 45 Kg / m3
Wall thickness Bottom 77/130mm
Upper 90mm
Side 70mm

Fuel tank capacity of at least 800 liters

Details Images

1. reefer container

# Thermoking cooling machine

container freezer

2. 20ft/40ft reefer container

# Super freezer side panel
# Aluminum T type floor

reefer container

Application of Reefer containers

  1. Reefer containers are used for goods that need to be temperature controlled during shipping.
  2. Processed seafood or freshly caught fish: tuna, crab
  3. Fruits and vegetables
  4. Meat, fish (fresh or frozen)
  5. Milk and dairy products
  6. Pharmaceuticals, and so on
reefer container 40ft details

▷ 1. Common cold room

A. Be used indoor, can’t be move.
B. Store the food for the long term.
C. Can’t be filled up. (Leave space for air circulation)

▷ 2. Container cold room

A. Cold room be used in a container.
B. Store the food for the short term.
C. Need to leave some spaces for the refrigeration unit.

Check more details: The difference between common cold room and container cold room

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