The difference between common cold room and container cold room

1. What is the cold room?

the common cold rooms

A cold room is a type of refrigeration chamber or insulated room designed to preserve a temperature range that has been intentionally made. Cold rooms are used to store long-term, temperature-sensitive, perishable things like food, medical, chemicals, and so on. Cold rooms can be any size, ranging from small walk-in rooms to massive cold storage warehouses.

2. What is the container cold room(reefer container)?

reefer containers

The container cold room, also called refrigerated container/reefer container, is widely used in food applications and logistics. Because of its movable feature, the container cold room, which delivers the air conditioning settings of a normal cold room in 20′ or 40′ containers, may be used anywhere. It is easily transportable by trailer truck, ship, or train. It is almost suited for all goods and uses since it can obtain suitable temperature and humidity levels. Products that are cold or frozen can be kept.

It is used anywhere you need that Cold or frozen food may be stored, with simply a power connection.

3. The difference between common cold room and container cold room:

(1. Common cold room

  1. Be used indoor/outdoor, can’t be moved.
  2. Store the food for the long term.
  3. Can’t be filled up. (Leave space for air circulation).
  4. Offer increased storage space.

(2. Container cold room(reefer container)

  1. It is portable and moveable, you can put it anywhere.
  2. Store the food for the short term.
  3. Need to leave some spaces for the refrigeration unit.
  4. The cold room is used in a container.

The 2 types are used for different applications, which one is your requirement?


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