Containerized Blast Freezer

Movable container air blast freezer, containerized blast freezer for seafood,chicken, meat, etc.

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Product Description -- containerized blast freezer

What you can get from containerized blast freezer

containerized blast freezer

1. Flexible locations for the blast freezer – MOVABLE!

Usually, blast freezer is installed in the processing plant, so the location is permanent. It’s not so possible to move it to another location.

Based on a new reefer container, you could move our containerized blast freezer to a new place, just with crane and truck.

No need installation or commissioning

2. No need installation or commissioning

Blast freezer is more complicated than a normal freezer room or chiller room. For example, the screw compressor requests more knowledge to control.

But with a containerized blast freezer, what you need to do is connect it to main power. Very easy.


3. Space-saving

Based on the reefer container, this containerized blast freezer could be outdoor, and closed to your processing plant.

Successful case

containerized blast freezer

4 tons per 8 hours – blast freezer

With one unit 75HP Bitzer screw compressor and water cooled condenser

11 tons per 12 hours – air blast freezer

With one unit 125HP Bitzer screw compressor, evaporative condenser and floor mounted blast evaporator

Bitzer screw compressor
100 tons freezer room for chicken

100 tons freezer room for chicken

With two units 9HP Bitzer compressors, and one ante room

We provide the one-stop solution cold room with high-quality refrigeration systems(also with the refrigeration accessories)

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