frozen cold storage

Frozen cold storage with high efficiency condensing unit, room temperature is -15~-35 degree C, suitable for frozen meat and fish, insulation panel is 50mm, 75mm, 100mm,120, 150mm, 200mm.

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walk in freezers

1. Temperature:

(1) Range we can make: a. -15~-25°C, b. -30~-60°C


Blast- freezers and blast chillers:   fresh meat→ frozen meat

(It can drop as low as -35°C from the room temperature in the span of a few hours.)

Low temperature room:   frozen meat→ keep frozen

Medium temperature room:   frozen meat→ keep frozen for short-term store

2. Panels surface suggestion:

(1) Seafood cold room: stainless steel / salinization sheet.

(2) Other meat or vegetable/fruit: color plate steel.

(3) Other chooses: aluminum/ galvanized

(4) Special chooses: two different surface materials


For example, Jack needs a fish cold storage. So he bought the panel with stainless steel and aluminum steel.

Stainless steel on inner side — anti-rust, durable.

Aluminum steel on outer side — save money, looks pretty.

cold room food storage


Customer info: 13.8×7.5×3.3m freezer rooms for Nick. He sells a large number of frozen meats every month. The cold room is installed inside the house and local voltage is not stable, so we advise using phase sequence protector.

Order info:

Frozen cold storage temperture: -20°C

Panel: 120mm with two sides color plate steel.

Refrigeration unit:

Two pcs 18HP Bitzer compressor

We provide the one-stop solution cold room with high-quality refrigeration systems(also with the refrigeration accessories)

Any need please contact us!

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