Deep freezer cold room

Deep freezer cold room, -15~-45C temperature, for meat, seafood quick freezer, storage. high efficiency condensing unit, power consumption saving cost.

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Features for deep freezer cold room:

1. Temperature range

-45℃~ -30℃, or lower temperature

2. Freezer Cold Room Function

Frozen-keeping, Quick-freezing

3. Storage products

Fruits, vegetables, meat, seafood, fish, medicine, chemical, etc.



Ice Block

Ice Cream



4. Application

  1. Fish Ports and Processing Facilities: Cooling, cutting and packaging after the catch.
  2. Wholesale and Distribution Center: Bulk storage, inventory management.
  3. Food & Supermarket: bulk storage, short-term storage solutions
  4. Export and Import: International Shipping, Customs and Quarantine.

5. Type of Condensing Units

The compressor capacity is customized to your cold room project, with options including open-type, box-type, and two-stage units.  Various types like screws, pistons, rack systems, etc.

6. Choices for surface materials of PU/PIR panels

 Seafood/ goods with high salt:

a. Stainless steel

b. Salinization sheet

c. (Internal side) Stainless steel + (external side) Salinization sheet/color plate steel/salinization/galvanized/ aluminum

d. (Internal side) Salinization sheet + (external side) Salinization sheet/color plate steel/salinization/galvanized/ aluminum

 Other food: Stainless steel 304/ Color plate/ Aluminum/ Salinization sheet/ Galvanized sheet.

For specific requirements, we will design the best solution for you!

7. Choose of Freezer Room door

German Design hinged door and sliding door, the size is customized according to your requirements.

CRYO's hinged door and sliding door

We provide the one-stop solution cold room with high-quality refrigeration systems(also with the refrigeration accessories)

Any need please contact us!

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