onion cold storage

Onion cold storage, suitable temperatures for storing onions, can slow down the natural decaying process of onions, helps keep vegetables in good condition for the long-term.

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Feature for onion cold storage


1. Temperature:

Range: -5~10°C (medium temperature room)

2. Panels surface suggestion:

(1) Color plate steel

(2) Stainless steel

(3) Other chooses: salinization/ aluminum/ galvanized


Color plate steel is the best choice for onion storage: anti-rust, good insulation, cost-effective, long life span.

3. Onion cold storage requirements (0°C and 65 to 70% rh)

A comparatively low relative humidity is essential in the successful storage of dry onions. However, humidities as high as 85% and forced-air circulation also have given satisfactory results. At higher humidities, at which most other vegetables keep best, onions develop root growth and decay; at too high a temperature, sprouting occurs. Storage at 0°C with 65 to 70% rh is recommended to keep them dormant.

4. Case

This is a 3*2*2.6m cool room with two 1x2m hinged doors, a 1HP Embraco compressor, roof mounted monoblock unit.

Using for vegetables and fruit, the temperature needs 6℃.

After its installation, this customer can’t wait to use it, and he gives high praise to our product and service.

The satisfaction from our customer is our greatest honor.

CRYO is looking forward to your order.

√ The feature of our monoblock unit:

Installation is easy.

Defrosting by hot gas, eco-Friendly

Automatic defrosting water evaporation system

Hermetic compressor, quiet and high efficiency

Multifunctional digital control

Pre-charged with refrigerant

We provide the one-stop solution cold room with high-quality refrigeration systems(also with the refrigeration accessories)

Any need please contact us!

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