The cold rooms are built in the basement which is very narrow, besides, in such a small place, the customer needs to separate it into 4 small ones, what should be paid attention to?

4 small cold room
  1. Material Selection: If the basement is humid or located near the sea, choosing stainless steel for the panel is the best choice. This material is resistant to corrosion and can withstand damp conditions.
  2. Installation and Durability: To ensure easy installation and enhance the durability of the panel, maintain a gap of at least 100mm between the panel and the concrete. This will prevent direct contact and potential damage.
  3. Ground Level: The base ground of the cold room should be higher than the horizontal level. This is to prevent rainwater or any form of liquid from entering the freezer.
  4. Door Position: The position of the door is crucial. Ensure it can be opened without any obstruction. This is particularly important in a basement setting where space is limited.
  5. Condensing Unit Placement: The condensing unit should be placed in an open-air environment for efficient heat transfer. Placing it in a closed indoor space can hinder its performance and lead to overheating.

In a small space where the customer needs to separate it into 4 small rooms, careful planning is required. Each room should be designed to maximize space utilization without compromising the functionality and efficiency of the cold storage.

small cold rooms design

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