For those who like hunting, a modular cold room is the best choice to keep the meat fresh.

This customer love hunting and CRYO’s cold room help him store meat. These three cold rooms are customized according to his requirement. They are convenient and efficient to be carried to the hunting grounds. He doesn’t have to worry about the problem of meat storage.

Order info: PU Panels thickness: 120mm

Room 1

  • Size: 2.5x2x2.5(H) meter, Volume: 12.5m3
  • Wall-mounted monoblock refrigeration unit: 0~10℃
  • 1HP Embraco Hermetic reciprocating compressor
meat cold storage

Room 2

  • Size: 2.4×1.8×2.5(H) meter, Volume: 10.8m3
  • Wall-mounted monoblock refrigeration unit: 0~10℃
  • 0.75HP Embraco Hermetic reciprocating compressor
Modular cold room for meat

Room 3

  • Size: 3x2x2.5(H) meter, Volume: 15m3

  • Roof-mounted monoblock refrigeration unit: x2

  • 0.75HP Embraco Hermetic reciprocating compressor, 0~10℃

  • 0.6KW1.5HP Embraco Hermetic reciprocating compressor, -15~-23℃

cube ice machine
cube ice machine

The feature of our monoblock unit

  • Installation is easy.
  • Defrosting by hot gas, eco-Friendly.
  • Automatic defrosting water evaporation system.
  • Hermetic compressor, quiet and high efficiency.
  • Multifunctional digital control.
  • Pre-charged with refrigerant.

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