Cold storage for food

Cold storage for food, temperatures ranging from -40°C to +18°C, suitable for a variety of different produce – from fruit and vegetables to dairy products and cooked and uncooked meats.

Custom Cold storage Design, one-stop solution services, detailed guidance, good quality with good insulation, high efficiency condensing unit.

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cold room description

1. Temperature range


2. Storage products

Seafood/ Vegetables/ Fruits/ Milk/ Yoghourt/ Etc.

3. Application

Market/ Restaurants/ Hotels/ Supermarkets/Farm/ Processing room, etc.

4. Panels surface for choice

SUS304: Best for anti-rust/corrosion.

Salinization sheet: One more salinization layer than color plate, anti-rust/corrosion/scratch, feel likes leather and plastic, nice.

Color plate: Most popular& cost-effective.

Galvanized sheet: Very hard& heavy.

Aluminum: Nice and soft, we use 0.7/0.8 mm, hard enough.

5. The panels surface we suggest

  1. SUS304
  2. Salinization sheet
  3. SUS304 (internal side) +others steel (external side)
  4. Salinization sheet (internal side) +others steel (external side)

We provide the one-stop solution cold room with high-quality refrigeration systems(also with the refrigeration accessories)

Any need please contact us!

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