Service life of insulated panels could more than 20 years!

cold room sandwich panel

For the insulated PUR panels and PIR panels, they’re just panels, not machinery. With the foam density up to 42kg/m3, as low as 4% water absorption rate, the service life could be more than 20 years.

But due to different quality from different manufacturers, it’s hard to say all insulated panels could be long-lasting to 20 years. It’s a fact that the insulation of the foaming would decrease, maybe 4%, maybe 30%.

So when the PUR panels become old, we should check the insulation and see whether it could continue to service your cold room.

One more thing, if the panels have a serious corrosion problem, it not only looks bad but also brings a hygienic problem.

We, CRYO systems refrigeration, as a manufacturer, have strict quality control and guarantee high quality. But it’s NOT scrupulous that to say all of our panels could service up to 20 years.

We are the best factory producing PU panels in China; we can provide cold storage one-stop service for you. Our annual output up to 2,800,000 sqm panels, 10,000 units cold room doors.

Before the production, we have to discuss to learn the working conditions of the cold room. If it’s in the coastal area, if it’s high humidity, etc, these working conditions are poor so we could improve the materials.

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