Building a cold room can be finished by yourself


Building a cold room can be finished by yourself

building a cold room

Cold storage rooms can be of any size, and you give the size to the modular cold room manufacturers, they will make panel cutting sketch according to the size. After production is finished, we will mark a unique number on each panel and on the sketch. So building a cold room, you only need to assembly the whole cold storage yourself according to the sketch. When you receive all the PU panels, how to build your own walk in cooler?

how to build cold room? Firstly, make sure you place your cold room on a flat floor, not a muddy place.

If you place cold room indoor, make sure there will be enough place for the cold room. If you place cold room outdoor, make sure the cold room will be placed under a shed. You need to protect the cold room from the sun and rain so that the cold room will be very durable. All the installation or assembly should be under the shed. That means to build a shed first, then build the cold room.

If you build the cold room outdoor, better to choose a good weather day like a cloudy day, not a sunny or rainy day.

Below are the differences for the small and big cold room:

1) For small walk in cooler.

#1 Install floor panel

#2 Install wall panel

#3 Install door panel

#4 Install roof panel

2) For big cold room.

And, how to install cold room panels in a big cold room?

# From one end to the other end

Floor panel -> Wall panel -> Roof panel -> Floor panel -> Wall panel -> Roof panel -> … -> Finished

After all the PU panel assembly, you can tear away the film on the panel. And then put silicon on the gap of two panels both inside and outside the cold room.

A modular cold room is a cold room or walk-in freezer which is built from interlocking insulating panels, which can be assembled in a huge variety of patterns and sizes – resulting in extremely quick installation and an easy versatility that can benefit any industry.

Since they are quick and easy to set up and dismantle and provide excellent insulation, modular cold rooms are a clear choice for industries that require variable cold storage facilities – especially temporary cold storage or cold rooms which may need to expand and contract as necessary for maximum business efficiency.

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